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Global Network is helping to target, buy, engage and convert relevant traffic.
Easily you can get: leads, app installs, sign-ups, sales.

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What is Global Network?

Is a Self-service Performance Advertising platform (Ad Network), which helps you to target, engage and convert correct audience using popular traffic channels: Native, Display, Video and Popunder.

Advertising funnel

Plan your Strategy

Give your potential customers right ads at the right place and right time. Of course, right format. Choose suitable format and deliver correct message.

Go global

Go global in minutes

Our RTB-core serves over 3,7 billion impressions daily with Wolrdwide GEO: USA, UK, AU, EU countries and more.

Drive traffic to your website and increase sales by CPM, CPC or CPA models.

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Ad formats


Push notifications

Native Push-notifications on Mobile and Desktop devices. Is a high conversion and ROI traffic channel. Contains title, description, small and big image. Billing via CPC model. Price starts from $0.003.
Go go go to test new conversion format!

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Popup traffic


Advertisers website is shown instead of Publisher’s website in the current window.
Visitor has an opportunity to go directly to Publisher’s website in some time. Ads that appear in a separate (Pop-up) window while a webpage is loading, or are inserted between the contents of the page.

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Popunder traffic

Popunder / Clickunder

Pop-under differs from Pop-up ads by that the window opens after the first click on website.
Advertisers website appears behind (in back of) the browser window with Publisher website. Pop-unders do not bother or distract user and are not seen until the main window is closed. The advantage is that it may be difficult to determine which web site opened pop-under.

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Native traffic


Native ad – is a form of online advertising, when visitor sees on the website recommendations of other news/articles of this website. Among them advertiser's ads are shown as news / announcements. It means that Native ads match the visual design of publishers' website, follow user experience and appear in the way of native content.

Display traffic

Display / Banner

Display ad is a type of paid media that is used to increase brand awareness and engage or re-engage visitors. Ads are shown in several forms such as banner ads, rich media and more. Display advertising contains different elements including text, images, video, and audio to engage the user.
Display (banner) ads are used to show your promoted brand to the trageted visitors, attract and make them click on the banner. Retargeting can also be used for display ads.

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Some core facts

DSP (Demand-Side Platform) — is a high-technology product, which brings you possibilities to reach your target audience by using RTB core on-air.



GEO, Device, Browser, OS, Blacklist, Whitelist, Bidlist, IP list, Daily budget, Contextual, Demographic, Brand safety, Media quality and etc.


Big Data

Our machine learning algorithms are analyzing in real-time over 500 parameters to make decision about necessity of buying ads place for specific user quicker than 100ms.



Setup your basic settings, timetable and frequency caps. Then research new ways to acquire your target audience.

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Real-time reports

Real-time reports.

Use real-time reports for the real-time optimization your campaigns and drive most targeted audience to your offer: right place, right time & actual price.

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What is the backend of Global Network
The backend of Global Network is a self-development RTB-core with optimizing buying algorithms. You may be sure that you will pay that very price to achieve your targeted visitors.
What GEOs do you have?
What formats do you have?
Native, display, video and mobile (in-app and web). Also pops (Pop-under, Pop-up, Interstitial).
Can we track conversions?
Of course! You can setup s2s postback or add event-pixel in to source code of landing page.
What kind of targetings do you have?
Mostly all popular targetins to find your audience: GEO, Device, Browser, Contextual, Demographic, etc. Also we provide additional options for Brand safety, Media quality and AB-testing for traffic sources.
Can you work on CPA (action) model?
Almost. You can reach your targeted goals on CPM model. Then optimize it via Optimization rules and Source sampling to get targeted CPA and ROI goals.
Minimal deposit?
$50 via Webmoney, Credit card, Bank wire, Crypto, ePayments or EPESE.
Sweet! How to start?
Create account and start to deliver right audience by space-based technologies.

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How to Make $5 970 Profit in 14 days With Just One Browser Game CPA Offer with 157% ROI

Impressions Clicks CTR % Average CPC $ Total spend Conversions Conversion sum ROI %
91 567 019 58 406 0,064 0,039 $2 323 3 135 $5 970 157

More case studies check in our blog

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You will find more cases in our brilliant blog

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Working with the major payment systems

We accept a variety of payment methods. You may pay with your Credit card or Webmoney, ePayments, carry out a bank transfer or pay using PayPal systems, Cryptocurrencies (btc, ltc, eth).

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