Case study: 282% ROI and $1 066 profit

Case study of sending Pop-under traffic to finance offer. Nigeria.

Own Nigeria investment offer.
Traffic channel: Pop-up, Pop-under
CR: 4,3%
CPC: 0,0035$
Clicks: 107 732
Conversions: 4 636
Spend: $377
Revenue: $1,066
ARPU (registrations): $0,23
ROI: 282,7%

Nigeria pops overal statistic
Nigeria pops overal statistic

We created and activated a campaign with Global Network for Pops traffic (or clickunder)  on financial themes, GEO Nigeria. With average bid $0.0035 (equal to $3.5 CPM) we got over 4K conversions, when avg revenue per user was $0.23.

Here are more details about the campaign settings.

First of all, we add Destiantion URL (it’s our tracker to track statistics on our side) and choose an appropriate Tracking type. Besides, we added macros (UTM parameters) to URL, so we got an ability to analyze the following:

{winning_price} – impression cost

{campaign_id} – as we started 2 campaigns (desktop and mobile)

{click_id} – unique hit ID for tracking conversions

{site_id} – unique traffic source ID for creating a black-list

Postback setup
Postback setup

Next step is Here we should tell a little bit more about it. This cost is a result of testing your bid amount. Started with $0.0015 and increased gradually to $0.007. With the higher price we received the first impressions faster, traffic quality became higher, but conversions cost was over than acceptable. So, some time later we stopped at $0.0035 – that is how we were getting a sufficient speed of traffic delivery and suitable conversion cost. And GEO, of course:

GEO targetings and max bid amount
GEO targetings and max bid amount

You should select format type and impressions limits per unique user per day. Why do we need it? As we are buying traffic on CPC, we need to reach as many unique users as possible. Otherwise, we may burn bigger part of our budget on 1 user. So we set 1/24 frequency cap.


Interstitial / Fullscreen – landing URL is shown in the current window;
Pop-up – displayed over active window;
Pop-under – displayed under active window.

What we like mostly – is Source sampling. It’s something like AB-testing. Simple enough comparing with machine learning, however it spreads traffic evenly by sources, instead of buying 70% of volumes from one huge publisher. If a source contains lower amount of visitors than it is set in campaign settings, then a campaign will take all the volumes within its targetings and price from this source.

Limit frequency cap
Limit frequency cap

Unfortunately, there is no device targeting for Pops traffic. That’s why we chose desktop OS in OS targeting, and for our 2nd campaign – mobile OS.

Technology targetings: OS
Technology targetings: OS

And after all we enabled all possible traffic security filters to avoid bots. Among them is Forensiq Risk Score and other in-house fraud protection filters.

Additional filters to exclude fraud traffic
Additional filters to exclude fraud traffic

Here you may see the screenshot of our tracker statistics.

Nigeria pops overal statistic
Nigeria pops overal statistic

PS: if anyone has finance offer for Nigeria, let us know.

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