Case study: 157% ROI and $5 970 profit

How to Make money with CPA marketing. The case study with $5 970 Profit in 14 days With Just One Browser Game CPA Offer with 157% ROI.

Naruto online mmorpg
Naruto online mmorpg

CPA network:
Offer: Naruto (US SOI)
Payout: $ 1.98
Period:  26.07.16 – 12.08.16
Traffic Channel: Native
Country Targeted: US
Tracking Platform: Global Network Pixel and Postback URL tracking
Number of custom creatives: 212
Number of landing pages: 6

In this case we explain how to make money with cpa online marketing.

We were buying traffic in Ad Network It is a media teaser network with an ability to buy traffic via OpenRTB (Display and Native) and via XML (Pops). Such main worldwide traffic suppliers are integrated there: Google ADX, MoPub, MGID, TripleLift, LiveRail, Clickganic and others. So you are able to find the traffic you need.

We’ve completed CPA campaign with GN and got 157% ROI, $3,624 revenue. And below you may find some of our targetings and settings used to reach such results.

Naruto online
Naruto online

Firstly, we decided to run Native ads, so we chose the appropriate traffic channel in UI.

Native ads
Native ads

After that we chose campaign IAB category and insert URL with Subids (pub_id, source_id, click_id) on our creatives.

As we had several hypotheses – we decided to check them out on practice. So we added a few creatives for anime niche (Girls, Hentai, Naruto main characters, game screens, etc.).

Full self-developed DSP. It works on machine learning algorithms that decide in real-time to buy ad inventory and to show advertiser banner to user.


  • Contextual ( Forensiq, iAS );
  • White \ Black lists;
  • IP lists;
  • Audiences;
  • GEO;
  • OS;
  • Device;
  • Browser;
  • Connection type.

At the start we should choose category of offer.

After it we set up conversion tracking. It can be s2s postback or conversion pixel. If you chose s2s – you need pass two parameters: {click_id} – unique hit id and conversion cost (return_value_usd). That setting gave us possibility to see conversions and optimize strategy.

s2s postback tracking type
s2s postback tracking type

Some words about optimization. For example, we have a few creatives. At the start you can run all of them without any black \ white lists and on all GEOs. Next we are looking at the ROI and blacklisting publishers and sources, that deliver many impressions and not enough clicks (ROI 1-10%). It’s up to you. It is a specific feature of CPM campaigns.

After traffic was delivered – check reports. Choose dimensions Region \ City \ OS \ Browser and take off non-conversion sources. For example, some GEOs don’t convert on iOS.

But let’s return to the case study. We already had Black list on SSP MGID for games. So, we ran our campaign with it. It gave us huge budget economy. We were optimizing only GEO targetings.

Next step of optimization that we did – creatives. Firstly, shut off unprofitable creatives. They burn your budget and nothing more. Next step – create several hypotheses and multiply ads for each hypothesis. The goal of it – is to find profitable creatives with high CTR and ROI.

After all we found a few creatives with just one hyphotesis that worked. Below are stats with revenue.

KPIs: Maximize profit with conversion cost below $1.98

Tested: over 150 creatives and 6 landings.

Overall statistic:

91 567 019 58 406 0,064 0,039 $2 323 3 135 $5 970 157
Overal stats
Overal stats

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